Loft's Pet Policy

  No pet heavier than 11 pounds on 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors (including Service or ESA pets).  

ESA pets or Service animals only one first floor unless less than 11 pounds.

 2 pets total - One time, Non refundable pet fee: $250.00 for first cat or dog, $100 for second cat or   dog.

 No aggressive breeds allowed.

 Two warnings for pet violations- third warning is an Eviction.

  Pet violations:  Barking, excessive noise in the apartment from movement, barking, whining, threatening behavior, pets in elevator, Friend's pet on property, Doing pet "business" in non-designated areas.

Pet "business" must be done only behind the building or at the far end of the parking lot nearest to Hwy 321. If your pet poops anywhere other than these spaces, you’re obligated to remove the poop.

 Tenants must place rugs in their apartment and do whatever must be done so that neighbors do not hear pet noise.

There is a $400 immediate fine and we reserve the right to evict you if you have an unauthorized pet in the Lofts.

  You will be responsible for all damage that your pet(s) do to the apartment during the term of your lease.